Business Area
Environmental Steward

    Environmental stewards provide timely warnings and targeted measures through regular "physical examinations" and "consultations" to avoid environmental accidents and enable professionals to do professional things.
    In the increasingly strict situation of environmental protection, environmental protection ability is also an essential ability for the survival and development of enterprises. As a professional "environmental steward", Yiyu Environmental Protection conducts "scientific consultations" on environmental protection issues and difficult and complex environmental problems in enterprises. It can not only identify the main links of pollution control and prominent risks and hidden dangers, but also form a "physical examination report" with pictures and text, and provide a "prescription" for diagnosis and treatment. This can effectively reduce the cost of pollution control for enterprises and improve their pollution control capabilities.
    Utilizing Yiyu's years of governance experience in the chemical industry, combined with its own technology, industry advantages, and upstream and downstream industries, we will build an environmental protection service platform to provide chemical enterprises with a one-stop service that integrates technical consultation, experimentation, research and development, design, manufacturing, installation, and debugging. We will also provide one-stop services for the treatment, resource utilization, and quasi zero emissions of chemical enterprises' three wastes.